a survivor is born.
Danielle. I watch too much TV. I play too many video games. And I can probably eat my weight in grilled cheese.
On Vacay from August 1st through August 9th.
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This is the Wind Waker!  It is a baton of sorts that was used long ago when the people played music in prayer to the gods.  In those days, simply using it allowed one to borrow the power of the gods, but I do not know if it still works.  Even so, I thought it might be of some use to you.  Perhaps you should try using it.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is the tenth installment in The Legend of Zelda series.  In the game, Link initially sets out to rescue his kidnapped younger sister, Aryll.  Through his journey, he learns of the returning Ganondorf, and traverses through dungeons and temples to gain power necessary to defeat the Evil King. 

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Natalie’s advice to actors playing historical characters (x)

Who has been your biggest mentor on the show?
Nat Dormer. I can ask her the most stupid embarrassing questions. I’ll be like “so what does it feel like to be in love?” and she will tell me and give advice. She’s probably my biggest mentor just in general life.

Happy One Year Anniversary of Tomb Raider (2013)!

NBC Hannibal + Psychiatrists


stop what you’re doing and listen.

the potter/weasley gang being placed in different houses but sitting together during meals because they can’t spend too much time apart.

the teachers trying to get them to sit in their respective house tables, resulting in them yelling at each other from across the room.

everyone giving up and letting them sit wherever they want because there’s no point in trying to stop them.